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Microsoft Office Skills Training

The question is: Before or After? Do you want have the skills before you need them or do you want the skills after you after the crisis is upon you?

Suppose you had someone teach you to drive a car. Soon after you learned to drive you might get on the highway at rush hour. Now suppose you want to learn and drive quickly. Would you want some to teach to drive on the highway at rush hour? That would be very dangerous. What’s the point? It is this; if you want to learn to use any productivity software, learn it before you need to complete some really important assignment. Learning to use an application at the time you really need it for a project is insane.

Your next big project is coming; so let’s get busy!

WordPress Website Development

Need a website for your small business? Let me help you. I will build a website based on your ideas and inspiration to help you share your ideas or products with the world. Blogs, portfolios or e-commerce, from domain name to web hosting, every step of the way, I am there. I can provide ongoing maintenance or teach you how to maintain it yourself.

Need a WordPress Virtual Assistant?

Already have a website but don’t have the time or skills to maintain it? Let me save you time and stress. I can manage your posts, add and remove pictures and videos, follow up with comments and keep the site updated and secure.

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